Our USB Flash Pendrives are perfect for archiving and sharing data. Access your data safely and conveniently, anytime, anywhere.

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If you can dream it up, we will make it happen.

Your imagination is the only limit.

We can affordably create your very own, 100% custom usb flash drive. From a scribble to a 3D drawing we will make it happen.

What material? Just about any material: plastic, metal, rubber, wood.

Customised Housing

From Company logos, to product replication we will meet your requirement

Standard Housing

If one-of-a-kind uniqueness isn’t necessary, we’ve got plenty of customizable USB flash drives, each individually customizable through colour, capacities, logos and other options.

Novelty Housing

If full customization is not necessary and standard is too boring we have plenty of other options…

Jewelry ‘Bling’ Housing

‘Bling’ is in with our jewelry collection…

Environmental ‘Green’ Housing

Or go green with the environmentally friendly wooden collection…


Need retail-ready blister packaging? Fully-customizable window-box packaging? Themed gift boxes? We’ve got all the options and accessories on offer to complement your customized flash drives